2009 CookOff Results

Twenty one teams were in attendance at the June Cook-Off held June 12 and 13. The event was held at the Colorado County Ag Complex on the La Grange By-pass in Columbus.

The event is  sanctioned by the International Barbeque Cookers Association (IBCA).  Head judges for the event were Steve and Donna Williams.  Judging began at 11 am with the first of five categories, the pinto bean jackpot.

The jackpot was followed at 12:30 pm with Cookers’ Choice.  This category was the event’s second jackpot.  Entrants are allowed to select an item of their choice for judging.  No desserts are allowed in the category and no entries from the three remaining competition meat categories. Sauces and garnishments are allowed in this category.

The three main competition meat categories were Chicken, Pork Ribs (no baby backs), and Brisket.  Winners in these categories are awarded IBCA points in addition the event’s scheduled awards.

In addition to local teams, visiting teams attended from Katy, Houston, Alvin, and Spring, Texas.

Winners are as follows:
Best Overall Cooker –Frank Bittner/Rotten Wood Cookers
Runner-up for Best Overall Cooker – Dan Simmons/Crazy Daze Cookers

First Place  – Jerry Smidovec/Up In Smoke; Second Place-Gene Sommerfeld/Gene’s Country Cookers; third place-Billy Honea/Brisket Cases; fourth – Frank Bittner/Rotten Wood Cookers; fifth-Brian Jasek/Pokin’ N Smokin’;sixth-Mike Wells/Bulldog Mountain Cookin’ Crew; seventh-Rob Powers/First Tee Pub Cookers; eight-Josh Chollet/Crown and Crocks Cookers; ninth-Jerry Lindsay/Pirates From the Pit and tenth-Lisa Gerik/Gene’s Gals.

First place-Carla Wiggs/Double D Cookers II; second-Richard Laughlin/Kick Ash Kookers; third-Dan Simmons/Crazy Daze Cookers; fourth-Sharon Roensch/MoMo’s Cooking; fifth-Frank Bittner/Rotten Wood Cookers; sixth-Josh Chollett/Crown and Crooks Cookers;seventh- Danny Wiggs/Double D Cookers I; eighth- Gene Sommerfeld/ Gene’s County Cookers; ninth-Henry Schneider/Big Henry’s Cookers and tenth-Lisa Gerik/Gene’s Gals.

First place – Lisa Gerik/Gene’s Gals; second-Dan Simmons/Crazy Daze Cookers; third-Frank Bittner/Rotten Wood Cookers; fourth-Danny Wiggs/Double D Cookers I; fifth-Henry Schneider/Big Henry’s Cookers; sixth-Mike Wells/Bulldog MoutainCookin Crew; seventh-Richard Laughlin/Kick Ash Kookers; eighth – Calvin Roensch/Shiner Cookers; ninth-Brian Jasek/Pokin’ N Smokin’ and tenth-Josh Chollett/Crown and Crocks Cookers.

Cookers Choice
First place – Lisa Gerik/Gene’s Gals; second – Billy Honea/Brisket Cases; third-Frank Bittner/Rotten Wood Cookers; fourth-Gene Sommerfeld/Gene’s Country Cookers; fifth-Jerry Lindsay/Pirates From the Pit; sixth-Kenneth Nelson-TCB Cookers;seventh-Jerrad Meissner/Meat Heads; eighth – Paul Bittner/Little Bit Special; ninth-Carolyn Foster/MoMo’s Cooking II and tenth-Josh Chollett/Cown and Crocks Cookers.

First place-Mike Smidovec/Up In Smoke II; second place-Jerry Smidovec/Up In Smoke; third-Evelyn Orange/Shiner Cookers II, fourth-Henry Schneider/Big Henry’s Cookers; fifth-Josh Chollett/Crown and Crocks Cookers; sixth-Paul Bittner/Little Bit Special; seventh-Brian Jasek/Pokin N Smokin; eighth-Gene Sommerfeld/Gene’s Country Cookers; ninth-Calvin Roensch/Shiner Cookers and tenth-Carolyn Foster/MoMo’s Cooking II.

Proceeds from the event will help to send Columbus FFA Students to the upcoming Washington Leadership Conference.

Business sponsors include City of Columbus, Columbus FFA Alumni, Catholic Daughters of the Americas #1588, IMAGE-CES, Kaiser Insurance, Schneider Machine and Welding, Fayetteville Bank, and First National Bank.